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What's Your Song?

We all have a story that didn’t leave us the same. Nearly three years ago, mine started with a most horrifying experience. Horrifying because it affected my family’s safety and my security -- both paramount to me personally. That day robbed me, but unlike most thieves, it left items behind. 

My daughter’s brush and my newfound realization of the horrors of child sex-trafficking, and so prevelant right in America’s backyard, my backyard, was sickening. My eyes had been opened. My convictions meant I couldn’t look the other way, but turning to face this reality felt vulnerable and insurmountable; like searching for just a few stones to face an unfathomable Goliath. Like David, I knew my God was able, but there were definitely days when I wondered if David trembled just a little thumbing through that brook preparing for his face-off. “Doing the right thing” doesn’t always tie up nicely with a bow, you know. 

A simple post I wrote was shared by over 170,000 people…worldwide. It’s probable well over 60 million people have read my story when you factor in all the news, online, and print media. The unexpectedness left me unnerved. 

Just imagine some of the letters. Imagine the hundreds and hundreds of people defending or defaming your morals, your motherhood, and your mantra and online for the world to see. I will be entirely open. At the time, I felt hopeless in the tension of wanting to hide yet knowing God hadn’t given me that option. Did I really want to say more? Did I really want to gather stones and finish a fight? 

Okay, I will say it, Lord. 

I didn’t look away. I shared my research. I spoke up. I wrote the book and started the blog. I showed up with just a little weapon to God’s battle. God hates that little children are being targeted, tortured, raped, filmed, sold, bought and killed in the name of sexual pleasure by evil people living opposed to the God who created them.  Mankind saw and history heard of God Almighty when young David was willing to attempt the impossible. How will the world today know of the love and freedom God offers unless we act in that same bold faith even when it means vulnerability? They won’t.

Only free people free people. We have the message to end every atrocity, the antidote that heals even the demand for seeking sexual pleasure with little children. God turns our stories into a “new song” of His message that must be shared. 

He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.

Psalm 40:3 ESV

This week hiking the mountains of Colorado, the quiet draws me near to God. I reflect on these past few years and the criticism, curiosity, and confusion that’s bumped up against me. It’s a lot to take in. I remember this very verse while reminiscing. I answer the question, “Would I have still chosen this path and the unknown still to come?” with:


I know God uses our words, because of His Word -- this promise in Psalms. That “new song” our testimonies hold, a song that points directly to God and all He has done for you and me, people will see. People will hear. People will put their faith in Him. We want to give away the anecdote. 

Ironically, today is the day I’m awaiting an email that discloses my book’s next steps. Every step comes with the opportunity to build my faith because risk and vulnerability is involved. But I push through fear and choose faith. I stand on this beautiful promise. 

The man who penned this very promise was the very man who chose those stones. He wrote this after He watched His God slay his giant. He of all people is credible to remind you and I that we can trust God to use the incredible songs He gives us to draw others to Him. Our vulnerability may bruise us, but it will not be in vain. Unexpectedness or not, we keep sharing so others will put their trust in Him -- the Giver of new songs.


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So beautiful. I read this post with tears in my eyes. Our God is so, so good. I love and respect your vulnerability and your obedience to Him. Prayers for you on this journey!

Me gusta
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