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what's happening?

Caption: God still performs miracles

Our team was really working hard to reduce the ticket prices for Mom Comm 2023 attendees. However, looking at our expenses it felt fairly impossible.

I prayed all weekend and really felt the Lord tugging at my heart to reduce ticket prices despite not having secured a donor to cover this reduction.

Ridiculous. I can't see a solution.

I came in to work Monday...and God had answered. Faith is believing when we CANNOT see. Because of a miraculous answer through a spectacular sponsorship situation, tickets are no longer $145 this month. Friend, tickets are only $70. Absolutely an answer to this prayer. He gets the glory. And, you get the benefit.

This conference is worth it.

God has moved mountains for you.

He has made a way for more moms to attend and for our team to afford blessing each one...including you.

We are not offering tickets for $145 this January, but only $70.

Please share the news with others.

A sickening video I received this week:

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