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Stats from Unraveled you must know

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• The United States is a destination country for sex traffickers (suppliers) and sex tourists (buyers). 1 

• Americans are the number one producers and consumers of child pornography. 2

• Studies show pornography does more harm to the brain than cocaine and has equally addictive

properties. The addiction produces scientifically proven insatiability, therefore more grotesque and

unimaginable visuals are needed and produce a subsequent desire to act these scenarious out. 3

• Child pornography fuels child sex trafficking.

• “Unfortunately, we’ve also seen a historic rise in the distribution of child pornography, in the number of images being shared online, and in the level of violence associated with child exploitation and sexual abuse crimes. Tragically, the only place we’ve seen a decrease is in the age of victims.”4

• Unlike weapons and drugs, the return on investment is higher for a child or “product” that can be sold multiple times versus only one time. Both weapon and drug dealers are transitioning to trafficking because of its more profitable business model. 

• Statistically, perpetrators sit in classes to educate themselves on what anti-trafficking advocates are looking for.5

• Daycares and independent childcare in homes are hotbeds for the child sex trade and child pornography.6

• Some victims are trafficked at hours old in hospitals by those posing as adoption agencies.7

• Young victims are disease-free, easier to manipulate, produce some of the highest profit, and are not old enough to audibly share about their victimization.8

• It is incredibly easy to transport victims from state to state.9

• Children are often groomed by adults they have a relationship with, making whom you select to be a part of your family’s life very important.10

• Of what is known by the UNODC, 50 percent of the 2-4 million victims trafficked across or within US borders are children.11

• Up to 300,000 Americans under eighteen are lured into the commercial sex trade every year. Including younger children without the ability to speak would make this number exorbitantly greater.12

• Protected by the First Amendment, with little exception, it is currently legal in nearly all 50 states for a stranger to take pictures or video of your child without your consent and post and publish both.13

• Of the children under eighteen trafficked in the US, 44 percent are boys.14

• NAMBLA is a pedophilia and pederasty advocacy organization operating in chapters all over the United States. It works to abolish the age-of-consent laws that currently criminalize adult sexual involvement with minors, and their campaigns defend child-love with the popularized statement that “love cannot know bounds,” therefore equating pedophilia with homosexual relations.15

• “Traffickers often rely on enablers in order to conduct their business: individuals and entities—both legal and illegal—that provide goods and services to exploiters, which make human trafficking possible and profitable.” This is often what is referred to as a “ring.16

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FAQ'S about Unraveled's Author

  • What made you decide to write Unraveled? While the book expounds on this a lot, ultimately, it was the verse Proverbs 24:11-12. Once child sex trafficking in America encountered me, I couldn't just look away. It was a conviction really; to see victims and victimizers free from child sex trafficking and moms free from fear and therefore capable of changing the world their kids, my kids, live in. 

  • Because your daughter wasn't actually taken, trafficking can't really be proven. How are you so sure you aren't overreacting? While it is true I could never really prove trafficking was the intent of those strangers, I can still know trafficking was their intent. Like I can't prove love, wind, or faith, the reality of each is unmistakable. So, I share specifically in Chapter 9 the letter from a victim and the experience that changed it all. And then in chapter 12, I talk about a miraculous discovery while on a call with a Texas Ranger. Neither of these interactions would have happened if the story did not go viral. God orchestrated everything as I look back and survey my journey. I share these intimate details alongside statistics, both of which move even the skeptic to vigilance. 

  • Did you intend for your story to go viral? Very simply, no. Originally private and for a mom's group I attended, I made it public only after a friend asked to share it. Especially so soon after the incident, virality made me so incredibly uncomfortable that I removed the post. I discuss in Chapter Four, however, how a conversation convicted me to realize I could never have a platform like this without God and I, therefore, had a responsibility to use it for His glory and others' benefit. 

  • Once the trafficker had your daughter in her arms, what do you think she intended to do in broad daylight? This is a great question and one I get often. Truly, this was the crux of researching like I did for Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears. This response would take a  book to explain, which is why I started with mine.

  • Do you plan to write another book? Absolutely. Actually, our team has books, resources, products, and even education in the works for every intentional parent. I am wholly committed to first seeing parents flourish so kids can be protected and traffickers and "johns"/child rapists caught, accountable, and delivered from perpetuating this demand. 

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