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"What an incredible story. We will be having [Amanda] back!"  

-Moody Radio   

"As keynote, Amanda had attendees on the edge of their seats. She is succinct, informative, and has a unique story."

-Nationally Recognized ProLife Women's Conference Host

"Amanda is an amazing speaker with a powerful message that had me hanging on the edge of my seat. With her insightful stories, research, and wisdom, she navigates the audience well..." 

-Audience Member

"Amanda's visit to our women's ministry was a huge blessing. She was intentional to pray prior to her time with us and even modified what she'd prepared just for our ladies. Her adaptability and genuine love for the Lord and others impressed me. She created a lasting impression on each of us and established lifelong friendships."

-Women's Pastor/Host

"Florczykowski draws people to both triumph and truth."

-FBI Child Exploitation Task Force Officer

"Days after our conference attendees were still discussing Amanda's session on a scheduled call independent of the event. Moved by her compelling storytelling, many suggested she speak again next year."

-Florida Faith Leader's Conference Host


Topic 1: Unraveled: Amanda’s Fearless Narrative (testimony)

Topic 2: Free People Free People: Answers for Battling the Evolving Business of Child Sex Trafficking

Topic 3: Mothering Fiercely in the “Age of Fear"

Topic 4: #opinionHated: Leading Well in a Judgement Saturated Era 

Topic 5: Maintaining Poise Amidst Pinterest-Perfect Expectations

Topic 6: Reversing the Porn Substitution


  • Able Moms #MomComm2024, Springs Church, Jax Beach, FL 

       April 26th-27th, 2024​ here

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