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New Book Coming!

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We all want to know what we don't know. 

Pulling from interviews that most couldn’t bare to sit through, I have crafted the essentials that every parent must know in order to keep them from what they never want to hear.


So, how do we raise kids under fire without getting burned?


In this page-turning guidebook, Predator Proof Kids will unflinchingly:

  • Guide you through research, testimonies, scientific evidence, disclosures, and most importantly, Biblical narratives that save parent-heartache by solidifying your child’s invulnerability

  • Help you self-assess using proprietary evaluations, exercises, and personal inventory checklists, identifying if you are unknowingly parenting out of unhealthy lessons from your life’s library

  • Reveal how deep Biblical principles of an unchanging book are still relevant in today's culture termed by Senior FBI Executive as the “age of pedophilia”

  • Provide you behind-the-scenes tips from FBI, survivors, porn entertainers, & counselors

  • Fill your arsenal with practical ammunition rather than flippant Christian platitudes that fights to raise unyielding kids amidst less than six degrees of separation between them and a predator

  • And lastly, Invite any parent compelled by the gripping content of each chapter to react with tangible next steps.

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