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How do you outrun the fears that have robbed you of freedom and peace and convinced you that your children can't be safe in this broken world?

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What people are saying...

"Unraveled is an indispensable resource for every intentional mom I have met while serving in this industry.

Amanda not only brings awareness to child sex trafficking, and in an approachable,

peer-to-peer manner, but she preemptively addresses the concern every mom has for her child's safety

and points them back to the truth necessary to combat evil. Five stars!"

-Radd Berrett

O.U.R. Jump Team Member

“This is an incredibly important book for all moms to read. Amanda has done a beautiful job of helping us ponder questions in our own hearts, while also giving us an honest look of her own family’s experiences. Her story helps to equip us so that we can better protect our children in this fallen world.

You will be riveted.”

-Abby Johnson 

CEO of And Then There Were None and inspiration for the major motion picture, Unplanned

“The crimes I have seen against children makes Unraveled a necessity for today and

Florczykowski’s bold voice draws parents to both truth and triumph.” 

-FBI Child Exploitation Task Force Officer

Amanda has the unique ability to write with a controlled passion that grips the reader and encourages action.  Her witty and engaging style makes her writing a joy to read. The ability to combine the two is a rare gift that will inspire a generation ready for strong words spoken with boldness.

-Ginger Sprouse

Author, Kinda Like Grace, and viral sensation

“This atrocity is so dark, so hard, that the church can barely stand to look at it...yet, like Amanda says,

the church is really the answer. Unraveled allows us to rise up in a world

that is searching for what we as believers have. 

-Sarah Koeppen

Founder, The Hope Box

Unraveled - an intriguing title for a riveting book!  Getting another child trafficking story “out there” isn’t Amanda’s goal for Unraveled. Her goal is wiser, broader, and carries ultimate power - Jesus.

Unraveled equips us as parents to live full, joyful, and courageous lives in a world filled with dangers targeting our children. Amanda’s story is more common than you might think, but her response was anything but common. She shares her darkest moments and highest highs, all for the sake

of encouraging us to embrace pain, endure impossibilities, and emerge victoriously.

Unraveled isn’t just a story worth reading; it’s a journey worth taking.

-Alisa Jordheim

Author, Made In the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children

UNRAVELED: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears


Amanda's toddler was taken from her arms in a thwarted sex trafficking abduction, beginning an unexpected journey. Set to the behind-the-scenes details of her incredible story, Unraveled shares the basic facts you must know to outsmart a trafficker and the specific biblical truths that prevail when injustice, trauma, or fear leave you undone. With Unraveled, you'll:

  • Thrive at the intersection of awareness and peace.

  • Find healing in the aftermath of trauma by mastering how to mother fiercely.

  • Cultivate your own narrative of freedom and thereby fulfill God’s intention for you to free others.

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