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Has MOPS turned from Christianity?

Able Moms received a letter this week that didn't shock me, but did grieve me. Another mom, another church, reeling from what has come out of MOPS International. While our own ministry was birthed from the need for a Biblically trustworthy alternative to this, you RARELY, if ever, hear me share about our own church's divorce from MOPS. I am too busy focusing on the success and momentum with our own moms...especially as we prepare for Mom Comm 2023! (Btw, have you gotten your tickets for thee mom conference of the year?!) Since our experience was like most, exiting shortly after taking notice of the "changes" precipitated by 2016's new leadership, it has been years since I've accessed current MOPS' materials, meaning I could only share my past experiences. So, for anyone confused as to why they currently feel uncomfortable at MOPS (like I was), yet can't quite put your finger on why, Tessa's letter does a great job explaining specific Biblical concerns that shed light on today's problems. If you are a pastor or leader, please pay special attention to the lines I've bolded. As you only have access to materials upon purchase, you would never know as leadership making decisions to host of their "inclusive approach" (as it was relayed to me personally on a call with former MOPS Board president) until after purchase. For whatever reason, because this model of "inclusion" is not clearly stated in their promising statement of faith but subversive. Initially intended for her church before they contacted us, we have been given permission to share this letter with moms searching for answers. Truth and "truth with some falsehood mixed in" is what we have been warned against. Which is why we selected our beautiful 2023 theme. We proclaim; Truth, Awaken. One of our core statements is that we are "for every mom", yet just like the Bible, there is no need to dilute the truths already so universal relatable and attractive. relatable. My prayer has always been two things: that MOPS International would be thwarted from confusing the life-changing truth of the Bible for mothers by either changing their message and ministering well to their moms, or if not, that their moms would instead find a ministry like ours.

6 Initiatives on the Horizon:

While I cannot yet share any details quite yet, I would ask for you to please be praying with Aaron and me. Post Mom Comm 2033, we are moving into meetings and discussions with major anti-trafficking players and potential donors in some phenomenal opportunities that would finally allow us to more fully mobilize citizens to disrupt traffickers. We are praying about our ministry's own 6 future initiatives, yet how we should support or collaborate as these visions take shape. Trust me, I hate to be so vague, but know that your donations, prayers, and support are crucial this year. And, thank you for donating in the past. We are holding funds until we can reach our goal and can thus move forward. My updates will share more specifics as I am able. If you are not a member of yet and in need of more education and parent-training to keep your children safe, please consider our evergreen program from top experts in advocacy.