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My toddler was taken from my arms in our local grocery store in a thwarted child trafficking abduction. The victimizer demanded, "Say bye-bye to mommy". How could this have happened to an engaged parent like me?

Unraveled Book

Researching, I uncovered the horrors of child sex trafficking. Compelled to write a warning, it is estimated over 60 million people worldwide read my caution, proving intentional parents want true, yet sensitive, facts.


Virality of that magnitude connected me with other anti-trafficking advocates, victims, survivors, leaders, FBI, CIA, and mothers whose experiences were the same. We came together - join us. And, be vigilant. 


And, when a former trafficker admitted in an interview it took less than 8 minutes to identify a child victim, I listened for the #1 vulnerability he was looking for; lack of strong family relationships. Families, moms just like me, were the answer.

amazon #1

"I was still intrigued even though I thought this book was all about her trafficking story. No, so much more - EVERYTHING my mom heart needed as a mother of three teen boys."

"Our entire Bible study read this together. EVERY mom needs this book!"

"Wow, just wow."

"I read Unraveled within hours. Amanda is a gifted writer."


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1 in 3 children that leave home without parental permission will be lured into trafficking by a victimizer within 48 hours.

U.S. Justice Department

Less than 8 minutes  -- how long it takes a trafficker to determine a vulnerable victim. The key indicator? Lack of family relationships.

A. Joy, Human Trafficking 101

According to the CDTC, family is involved in over 1/2 of all child trafficking. Family should instead be the first line of a child's defense.

A. Florczykowski, Unraveled
(Collaborative Data Trafficking-Counter)

Typically, a child sex trafficker simply enters the "family business" - they are a product of generational dysfunction normalized.

A. Florczykowski, Unraveled


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Amanda Florczykowski


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