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Everyone has a story. 

Mine contains the unthinkable.


 Yet, we can thrive at the intersection of awareness & peace. 

Seeing to child trafficking's end through Vigilant Families and Able Moms  



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Amanda’s toddler was taken from her arms in her local grocery store when the stranger began to walk away and spout, "Say bye-bye to Mommy". With her daughter recovered, Amanda began researching. She realized this was more than an abduction attempt when the pattern resembled child sex trafficking in America; something she knew little about. And, it was terrifying.

Every mother shares a universal longing to protect and care for her children. 


Set to the backdrop of her incredible story, Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears not only sensitively shares the research you must know to be vigilant, but the vulnerable narrative of what every mother has felt at some point. Fear. Knowing this struggle, Amanda invites you into a journey where you'll find freedom from your own mom-fears, therefore, allowing you to fight this injustice fiercely, and lastly, unable to stop turning the next page. Included are Biblical truths and practical exercises that will forever change the way you mother.


Unraveled is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and the first-ever, book of its kind written by a mother and for mothers; embrace Unraveled.  

“This is an incredibly important book for all moms to read. Amanda has done a beautiful job of helping us ponder questions in our own hearts, while also giving us an honest look at her own family’s experiences. Her story helps to equip us so that we can better protect our children in this fallen world.

You will be riveted.”

-Abby Johnson 

CEO of And Then There Were None and inspiration for the major motion picture, Unplanned

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Whether a professional, a mom, or both, let’s not live mediocre, fear-filled, or less-than lives. My words for you are those of Christ.