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Amanda’s toddler was torn from her arms at a store in a thwarted child sex trafficking abduction. Rattled, Amanda began researching and shared a warning that quickly went viral. It is estimated sixty million people worldwide read her warning.


The post’s viral fury attests to the longing universal to every mom: to protect and care for her children.


Set to the behind-the-scenes details of her incredible story, Unraveled shares the basic facts you must know to outsmart a trafficker and the specific biblical truths that prevail when injustice, trauma, or fear leave you undone. Having fought fear and won, Amanda is uniquely qualified to give unwavering advice and personal examples that will help you:

  • Mother completely liberated from your mom-fears and resist crumbling in defeat when tempted by them.
  • Thrive at the intersection of awareness and peace.
  • Find healing in the aftermath of trauma by mastering how to mother fiercely.
  • Cultivate your own narrative of freedom and thereby fulfill God’s intention for you to free others

Unraveled (Paperback)

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