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Just Enough

I could get used to vacationing all year long. The most recent trip was just last week and a fairly unusual vacation for us. Instead of all four kids, sand, and waves, Aaron and I chose to sleep in the city and trek the great outdoors during the day -- Denver, Colorado, why not?

The days leading up to the trip I was ready. I went expectant. And, I was exhausted. Like running the last leg of the race with the finish line in sight, I just put one foot in front of the other until the last boarding call to freedom. It. was. glorious. 

Being in the mountains just makes you feel closer to God. The stillness, the peace, the lack of cell reception… The blissful autonomy was a gift inserted into our grossly busy schedules. But even fancy dinners and five-star hotels couldn't keep us from pining for the everyday lives we lead. Until about Wednesday… and I was ready to head back to the airport. 

I woke up once again feeling behind the eightball. The to-do list felt neverending and the very real demands and commitments I am responsible for put my mind into overdrive. You can probably relate. 

We need time with Jesus, we need to put in some time on the treadmill, we want to be invested in our kids, we have commitments at church, we are cultivating our marriages, schooling kids, cleaning house, maintaining friendships, getting the car washed, and, and, and…

As I laundry listed this all to my husband through a mouth full of toothpaste, I couldn’t believe my mini-meltdown, and so soon after being filled up and refreshed. The only word I could relate my feelings to was overwhelmed.

“Aaron, I just feel so overwhelmed and vacation didn’t ‘fix’ all the pressures I returned to.”

He was sweet to pray for me, but the reality was he didn’t have much time before his own workday started. So a quick kiss, a hurried pep talk, and I was standing there deciding what to do first.

When life is busiest, I need to get the stillest.

When life is busiest, I know to get the stillest.