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5 anti-trafficking tips for safe trick-or-treating

Hello Everyone,

October 31st, Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve.

Every year I, along with my husband, struggle today with the innocence of our children wanting to dress up as a fireman and princess to greet our sweet neighbors and ask for candy. Why take what seems such a “legalistic” approach you might ask?

Formerly, I would have told you that our family struggle was simply not wanting to participate in anything that contradicts the moral standing we have as Believers in Christ. I wanted nothing to do with celebrating the very spiritual and very real entity I prayed against influencing my children all the other 364 days.

Although I can’t seem to find a legitimate citation for this quote, it nevertheless truthfully conveys this reality:

“I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year.” - founder of the Satanic church, Anton LaVey

This year the answer to my struggle is a little different, however.

I know too much.

Hours and hours of researching, reading, and hearing from parents these last few years means I am acutely aware of the Satanic influence that is involved in sex trafficking and on many levels. This holiday, if you could call it that, is a day we as parents are largely naive to what children suffer at the hands of abusers using children in ritualistic practices all over the world today. It’s the truth. If you have the stomach, search for testimonies of ex-Satanists or worse, their former trafficking victims. It’s deplorable. And, while children are trafficked every day, and we as parent